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About Us

MASFEM CAREN was founded in 2001 by Masfem Caren Kozmetik A.Ş. create value with quality made by leaders at the same time and reached the target in the European countries have targeted the most reliable brand available starting from 2021 the year you pass the production were sold to Turkey.

-Masfem Caren has set out with the aim of meeting the highest quality cosmetic units.

-Masfem Caren was established with 100% domestic and national capital.

-Masfem Caren has an innovative, fair, positive, customer satisfaction-oriented business approach based on customer satisfaction as a principle.

-Masfem Caren has brands that have been recognized in international platforms for many years.

-Masfem Caren works with giant names of domestic and foreign strains as e-commerce replacement options.

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